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e-cards are mini multimedia presentations that can be used for a wide range of e-marketing purposes from off-line websites, new product and service launches and fun promotional send-outs when incorporated with a company branded game.

Costing far less than printed promotional literature (mailers etc.), e-cards provide a high-impact, low cost way of promoting your company and it's products or services.

Due to their small file size, e-cards can be e-mailed or distributed on floppy disc or cd and can be viewed on all IBM PC computers without the need for any plug-ins.

e-cards can include images, audio, animation, games and links to both your company website and allows a direct email facility.

Providing e-Marketing solutions with e-cards, branded emails and bulk emails, by helping you keep in touch with existing and potential clients with personalised emails.

At the right time
In the right way
At the right price!

Example 1   511k
Example 2    451k
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