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Road Rash PC – The legendary moto racing game for a while

Surely looking at the name Road Rash also many of you remember the old days. When computers were weak and this street racing game was very popular with many recreational players. The type of compact offline game

The Witcher and the blockbuster game allow players to choose the script

Although we always have dozens of video game to choose from. But gamers often complain about their decisions in many games. Indeed, Alpha Protocol is one of the video games based on the choices made by the most

Trackmania 2: Canyon – Monster truck climbing the wall

Canyon is unlike any other racing game because it doesn’t have a Career system. It does not have a long list of genuine cars that players can buy through the control. Instead, what the game owns is

The official Heavy Metal Machines action racing game is free to open

Thus, the impressive online action racing game Heavy Metal Machines has officially entered the open beta. They are completely free for everyone to join. Gamers will enjoy a very strong rock background with extremely special action racing

Dirt racing game is being sold up to 75 percent

Accordingly, two attractive racing games of Codemasters firm Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 will be discounted up to 75 percent for a period of one and a half days. Today, the largest game publishing portal in the world

Reviews on Road Redemption – a legendary racing game for a while

This is a brief review of Road Redemption. This article will give you an insight into this exciting racing game, understand the plot, gameplay and tasks. In addition, there will be some system requirements to set up

The Typical Co-Branding Successes In The World

The whole point is that the success of a brand will bring success to its partner brand. But for Co-Branding to succeed, businesses must ensure a win-win relationship between both parties. So, how to make effective Co-Branding

Mini Motor Racing WRT – Experience breathtaking racing

Mini Motor Racing WRT is the sequel to the motor racing game Mini Motor Racing, released for free by The Binary Mill. Mini Motor Racing WRT is a sequel to the recently released The Binary Mill’s Mini

Thai billionaire gives supercar to Leicester player

To celebrate Leicester’s Premier League championship, Thai billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha decided to send the team a very special gift. Accordingly, Mr. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, also the chairman of Leicester, bought 19 BMW i8s to give to the players.

Juju Noda – The youngest Formula1 driver in history

Physical training is a hobby and passion for many people, both men and women. However, high-risk sports seemed to be the only men who had the courage to complete the race. But 11-year-old Japanese girl, Juju Noda,