On this entertaining site, we cover various aspects relating to racing games and sports. We hope that by going through each informative article, the reader will have a much broader knowledge on the subject. Racing has been enjoyed by human beings since prehistoric times.

It has advanced, from using horses to playing virtual races online with people all over the globe. Racing is an activity which is likely to be enjoyed by people for centuries to come.

What You Will Find Here

One section of the site covers some of the most popular racing sports around. This includes the iconic Formula One, where drivers compete in fast cars. The Motorcycle Grand Prix is also covered, in regards to the different classes involved. In terms of horse racing, our focus is on the Grand National, a significant annual event for this sport.

Online racing games are also of interest to us. Several of our articles discuss the ones which are most worth playing. This includes the best selling title GTA V, which features several exciting race modes. Mario Kart was first released in the early 1990s and has become very successful in subsequent years. That is why we have dedicated a whole article to the franchise.

Additionally, we discuss the best games around which feature racing as a more peripheral element. For instance, the western game Red Dead Redemption allows players to race horses across a recreation of the Wild West. Whereas the fantasy title, Skyrim, features races involving magical creatures.