Everything you need to know about the super Mario Kart Tour racing game

This article will give you everything you need to know when playing Mario Kart Tour, from characters, challenges to item trading and much more.

You start playing the game with a racer that is randomly unlocked through The Pipe. To unlock new characters, you need to open Pipe with Ruby or coins to buy racers available daily in the store.

Dry Bowser, Metal Mario, Peachette, and Musician Mario are the rarest characters to unlock in Mario Kart Tour. More riders and variants will be added in the future, including the Luigi.

Players receive Grand Stars based on the number of points earned during a race. Grand Star can unlock new prizes to receive Tour Gifts. These are award packages when you complete a contest, offering a mix of controls, racing cars, and quality trains. Only certain unlockable items are available through Tour Gifts on each Tour.

Another way to unlock the content is through The Pipe. This is a gacha-style mechanism – random content unlocking. The Pipe requires Ruby. You can earn it by completing races or other sources including Microtransaction – virtual item trading.

Each Pipe contains 100 fixed items. Players are guaranteed to receive outstanding equipment. Although you are not sure to get all the unique items in a Pipe turn, you can reset it to fill the pipe again.

The number of characters, racing cars, and gliders in each Pipe is determined by their rarity. Items received may be duplicate. This will increase your character’s current skill level, racing & roller coaster stats.

Finally, coins are collected during each race and Coin Rush mode can be spent in the store. Coin Rush mode gives you the opportunity to transform into Gold Mario on the track and collect as many coins as possible. To start Coin Rush, you need Ruby. The multiplier is applied according to the higher number of coins earned to buy Ruby.