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Switchblade – The world’s first MOBA racing game

Switchblade is the first way from publisher Lucid Games. Switchblade is a MOBA online racing game released on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. It is made up of a team of veteran developers from Bizarre Creations,

Everything you need to know about the super Mario Kart Tour racing game

This article will give you everything you need to know when playing Mario Kart Tour, from characters, challenges to item trading and much more. You start playing the game with a racer that is randomly unlocked through

Road Rash – Class of the first generation racing game

Road Rash is known as one of the first shots of the series for speed junkies. When racing games at that time merely chose a car and racing against each other, playing computer racing games also created

Need Game for Speed ​​legend says no to Loot Box

With the negative going on around Loot Box, many big players in the gaming industry will also create new games without using this form. And one of the blockbuster has a strong response to this trend is

The best Racing Games to play (part 1)

Looking for a way to get your adrenaline pumped without totaling your parent’s car? These high-speed racing and stunt games are precisely what you’re looking for.  Are you bored of sitting around in traffic on your way

Top hottest HTML5 racing games 

Daily life is tedious, with repetitive tasks that delay your life and cause a lack of motivation. It’s time to change everything and start your new day with the fun, exciting and adventurous sensations I bet that

Selected Free Online Driving Games That You Should Dive into Right Now (part 3)

Impossible Moto Stunts – This third-person driving game is brilliant.  This third-person driving game is brilliant. Mount your motorbike and show off your stunt skills! You’re asked to move around the map, perform different stunts, and gather

Selected Free Online Driving Games That You Should Dive into Right Now (part 2)

Car Simulator Arena – Adventure is waiting!  This driving game is fun and exciting. You have a great chance to discover an immense landscape in various awesome sports cars. There are different obstacles and objects, for example,

Selected Free Online Driving Games That You Should Dive into Right Now (part 1)

Driving games are not just a form of entertainment to people but serve as a guide for you to be familiar with the different functions of a vehicle’s different parts. For example, in driving simulation games, you

Racing Games: The A-Z to Know (part 3)

Teach You Useful Rules of Roads In a lot of fantastic driving and racing games out there today, you can see that you are required to follow the road rules. These rules are standard and essential for