The utopia about the F1 racing in the world

F1 racing always contains special records and stories that cannot be found in other sports. The reason is that in this high-class sport, there are always records and special stories that cannot be found in other sports.

F1 has always been considered an elite sport and the riders also enjoy high salaries. By far, Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes racing team is the highest-paid driver.

German racer who is joining the Scuderia Ferrari team to win the world championship for four consecutive years from the 2010-2013 season. And he is also the youngest driver ever to win the F1 championship. Show, he has a salary of 56.3 million USD.

The income is terrible but the risks are also very high, so F1 riders also have to spend a lot of money to buy accident insurance for themselves. As is the customary way to calculate auto insurance premiums in the world, factors such as driving age, driving experience, occupation.

However, for F1 racers, the calculation is a bit more complicated due to the very nature of Formula 1 racing is very risky. Also keep in mind that F1 drivers will have to pay their own accident insurance premiums.

As can be seen, the highest insurance level belongs to the Swiss-born French F1 driver Romain Grosjean. The high level of insurance is not surprising when some F1 drivers are considered to be individualistic, adventurous.

They always drive at very high speeds and reckless to overtake. The statistic deducted due to racing errors may be reflected in insurance value. Of course, if the premium is high, the premium will not be low.

In a sport where you win or lose in a millisecond, technical support is the key to the team’s success. Adding or removing 1 second at the technical zone can determine the leading or second position on the track.