F1 race appears in F1 2020 game version

After being postponed due to the Covid-19 translation, the short-term race will appear in the racing game F1 version 2020. The game will feature the latest race track. This is also the official the F1 game.

Before that, they officially announced the delay of F1 race because of the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the world. This is a very large-scale race with about 100,000 visitors participating.

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The F1 game produced by Codemaster (UK) will release a new version every year, most closely simulating the world F1 village races. The F1 games are paid games, which users will have to pay to download. Because this year is the first year F1 has a race road, the F1 2020 is also the first game version to appear

Thus, F1 fans and game lovers will have the opportunity to witness the characteristic bends of the track. F1 2020 Game also has the presence of all racing teams, including newly launched teams.

Sharing with the press, F1 2020 Game Director – Lee Mather said: “We are very excited about the new tracks. Modern street track with 6 anti-clockwise turns and 2 straight lines, including the longest straight line in F1 track history. High-speed straight lines also provide sharp brakes and ideal overtaking opportunities for racers.

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In particular, a feature for the first time in the game is My Team with completely new experiences. For the first time players will be given the chance to create their own F1 racing team. From creating a racer, choosing sponsors, motor suppliers, to hiring technical staff, developing your racing team and driving your team to victory.

Expected, game F1 2020 launched on September 10. This version of the F1 game will be compatible with PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One. The release price of this game is about 60 USD.