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The utopia about the F1 racing in the world

F1 racing always contains special records and stories that cannot be found in other sports. The reason is that in this high-class sport, there are always records and special stories that cannot be found in other sports.

F1 racing – High speed and thrills

On each car there are about 80,000 different parts with 100 percent accuracy. Any deviation can affect the results on the track. The F1 car is also one of the safest cars in the world. Most of

F1 race appears in F1 2020 game version

After being postponed due to the Covid-19 translation, the short-term race will appear in the racing game F1 version 2020. The game will feature the latest race track. This is also the official the F1 game. Before

Why should F1 drivers lie while driving

Have you ever wondered why F1 racing athletes are often in the middle of driving Formula 1? Is there a reason why they and the racing car manufacturers have to? Formula 1 that’s also known as F1

The F1 revolution plans in the 2021 season

Liberty Media, the owner of the speed race proposes a series of changes to make the sport more competitive and attractive. F1 has a long history and our mission is to preserve and develop speed sports, by

World racing: F1 superstar and champion hunt

After an unexpected defeat at IndyCar in late May, Fernando Alonso returned to Le Mans with the goal of winning the second time. Through this, he continued to cultivate the hope of making world racing history. Meanwhile

Why do so many countries flee from hosting the F1 race?

Speed ​​enthusiasts will experience the dream when firsthand witness the “beasts” of Mercedes and Ferrari. However, many countries have withdrawn from hosting the F1 race. In May 2018, thousands of people jostled to watch former famous racer

F1 racing, Mexican GP: Ferrari prevailed Max Verstappen

After two weeks of travel from Russia, the last week of October 2019, Mexico is welcomed to F1 racing village at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez and De México Grand Prix 2019 race. Returning to the main events of

Mercedes is in decline because of focus for the 2020 season

Leader Toto Wolff said that Mercedes only won one of the last four races because of the lack of improvement on the W10. “We haven’t improved the W10 for a long time,” Motorsport quoted Mr. Wolff as

After 18 years, Toyota returned to the World Rally Championship

If in the four-wheeled world, the F1 racing formula is considered the pinnacle of speed, of technology, with almost perfect safety, the World Rally Championship (WRC) is the most popular race, near closest and especially showing the