Aron Canet displayed bravery and victory over Dalla Porta and Arbolino

Ending a peaceful summer vacation, drivers step into tense races in season 2 of the season, starting in Brno, Czech Republic. However, a completely new race, but the winner is still a familiar person with more new records and a further step on the road to champion.

Tony Arrbolino had his second pole of the season this season and was the fifth in the last 6 stages he started in the first row. The main competitors in the championship race with Arbolino all have bad results but everything can happen at Moto3.

The first notable situations that came from the start when John McPhee in 2nd place could not depart, were left behind and unfortunately bumped into Yuki Kunii, causing them to leave the race and be injured. Niccolò Antonelli was also in trouble when he died in the warm-up ring, causing him to start from the pit instead of 3rd.

Arbolino and teammate Romano Fenati took turns leading the first rounds before the other riders spoke up. Dalla Porta, Canet and even Antonelli gradually approached the top quickly and then rose to about 10 decisive rounds with Arbolino.

Although he struggled to defend against the opponent’s attack, Canet showed his bravery and a cool head to be the final winner. More importantly, he regained the No. 1 spot on the chart from Dalla Porta, who finished second in Brno, while Arbolino came in third and won the podium 5th. Antonelli won the fifth place full of effort after coming from the pit. but now lost to Canet to 50 points in the rankings with rank 3.

Alex Marquez had an impressive classification run under humid conditions on Saturday afternoon. He won the second pole in a row with a distance of up to 2 seconds compared to No. 2, Sam Lowes and had a big advantage. to the next victory.