Campenaerts broke the cycling record for an hour

The Belgian wheelchair reached 55,089 kilometers at the Bicentenario (Mexico) racetrack on April 16. The record of Victor Campenaerts helped to beat Bradley Wiggins’ old record in London in June 2015, thanks to more than 563 meters. Previously, nine tracks had tried to cross Wiggins’ 54,526 km mark, but all failed.

Campenaerts bên cạnh bảng thành tích kỷ lục được Liên đoàn đua xe đạp thế giới (UCI) công nhận. Ảnh: Reuters.

“I’m so happy that I became one of the greatest crabs of all time,” Campenaerts said. “I have been aiming for this record for a long time, and I’m glad to have passed the 55 km mark.”

Campenaerts – personal time-racing expert – European champion for two consecutive years, and ranked third in the world tournament 2018. Lotto Soudal’s team behind Rohan Dennis and Tom Dumoulin at last year’s tournament. Dennis held this record in February 2015, with 52.491 km.

Campenaerts phá kỷ lục thế giới trên đường đua lòng chảo Bicentenario Velodrome, Mexico. Ảnh: UCI.

Campenaerts has never attended the Tour de France – the planet’s most fierce bike race. He has participated in two tournaments in the remaining Grand Tour system – the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana, but has not achieved high results.

The record of cycling for one hour counts the longest distance a trailer can complete in an hour. The first recognized achievement belonged to Frank Dodds with 26,508 km, in 1876. But then, American musicians used a penny-farthing. Legendary Eddy Merckx also set a record in 1972, with 49,431 km also in Mexico.

On the morning of July 29, the 22-year-old made history when he became the first Colombian athlete to win a gold jersey at the Tour Tour de France 2019. 7-9 bicycle tour Tour de France – the largest annual bicycle race in the world – will take place from 12-14 July.

Tour de France is a large bicycle race, attracting the attention of many riders and numerous car lovers around the world. Racers participated in the tournament within 3 weeks of July, the race through France and some neighboring countries with a total length of about 3,500 km. Unlike sports competitions that are usually ranked by medals, trophies, Tour de France uses shirt colors to determine the position of each driver.