Different Types of Auto Racing

Racing is one of the most exciting sports which is organized many competitions annually. Racing attracts both athlete and spectators because it seems thrilling and interesting in per match. The truth that there are different types of auto racing like: formula racing, sports car racing, stock car racing, drag racing or tour car racing so on.

This article will discuss more detail about kind of auto racing.

1/ Formula racing

Formula racing is the most well-known form of car racing. The racing car has single-seat with an open-wheel circuit. All racing cars have been customized and designed built carefully.

About the road track, formula racing has unique circuit tracks to protect profession and safe for drivers as well spectators.

Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix is the best famous event of Formula racing which is held in America

2/ Sports car racing

It has two-seat for grand tourism (GT) or production-derived models.

FIA World Endurance Championship and FIA GT1 World Championship are two biggest events in one year for GT car racing.

3/ Stock car racing

It is an impressive racing and popular in the United State. Driver will select production cars customizing special specifications for other purposes and requirement from the organization.

It is designed for oval tracks where driver have to push the maximum amounts of laps. Sprint Cup Series, Daytona 500 and the Southern 500 are the most outstanding events for this kind.

4/ Rallying

It is a production-based car which is applied on public roads or off-road tracks. Although rallying doesn’t require special tracks, it varies road widths, terrain or other weather conditions to increase difference and danger for car racing driver.

Sometimes, the off-road tracks can be made from gravel, asphalt, snow and even ice. They will race under point-to-point format to find the best racer.