Drag Racing – A stunning speed racing game for Android devices

Drag Racing is a high-speed racing game on phones running Android operating system, this is a free game released by Creative company, now this game is available on CH-Play store in the app store of Google, you can download and install this game to your computer, just need your Android operating system from 1.6 and up.

Participating in this game, gamers will be able to witness their own racing cars in real life, moreover, you will feel like you are being adventurous, being adventurous in the race.

The latest Drag Racing version for Android phones has changed and added some new features, improvements to the game interface, making it easier for gamers to control their characters, with HD graphics , sound effects, images in a lively high-speed racing game, added to more than 60 new super high-speed super cars, optimized for touch screens, enhanced quality, models of vehicles, etc.

These super cars have in the game the gamers can spoiled for choice of cars to race, besides you can try yourself on the unlimited races on Drag Racing.

Challenges in speed racing game Drag Racing on Android phones is extremely rich and diverse, along with different lines for gamers to test their steering wheel.

The competition mode in this game has two modes for you to choose whether it is Online and Offline mode, during the game play if the network shakes, or if there is no internet connection, wifi then everyone has Can switch to offline mode to play games home.

The car of your choice you can upgrade it and adjust the gas level up or down as you like to increase the time on the track.

If you want to play Drag Racing game alone on your Android phone or you can join a group game, or a team, you can choose from the system, and so you will have a chance The association was able to absorb tactics and exchange experiences with other great riders to enjoy the glorious victory moments.