Driving Speed ​​2 – one of the best offline racing games for PC 

Driving Speed ​​2 is the best offline racing game for PC is a gift for gamers who are passionate about speed. Participating in this racing game you will have the opportunity to control the latest super cars to conquer the infamous racing tracks and many deathly races await you.

Driving Speed ​​2 is an exciting high-speed offline racing game that allows players to experience the great races in the world and feel the unprecedented authenticity of super-class cars! In this Driving Speed ​​2 version will give players a sense of real racing, with extremely attractive, quality, dramatic and suffocating racing scenes with the high-level tracks that make players also must tilt the follower. You can choose different game modes such as Quick Race, Championship, play with the AI ​​of the machine or join the competition with your friends via LAN.


This best racing game simulates the largest race in the world to create a sense of authenticity and enjoyment. Players will be able to choose one of four new V8 racing cars with the same operating rules and controls as real cars. Initially, you can only change the car’s car color but after participating in the competition and earning a sum of money, you can freely customize its performance and its parameters.

In most attractive offline games in the racing category on the market, players cannot feel the difference in the engines of different vehicles. No matter which car you choose in the game system, the control is not much different. However, the point of making the attraction of Driving Speed ​​2 is that players can see the change after upgrading the transmission system, tires, suspension system, ECU, etc.

In this best racing game you don’t just keep the accelerator key from start to finish because you have to pay attention to the brakes and crabs. The damage of the car is very depicted, for example, you will see the sparks of friction shoot out when rubbing the car on the track. And in the Championship mode, the player even had to slam his “purse” to fix his beloved “steed”. Such factors contribute to the realism of Driving Speed ​​2.