Explore the world famous Dubai Autodrome racing road

The thrill of driving a supercar and feeling the power of the engine when visitors hit the throttle will be exciting experiences on the track in Dubai Autodrome Racecourse. The professional sports track also allows riders to test their own cars and motorcycles when traveling to Dubai.

Owning a long distance of 5.4 km, Dubai Autodrome race track is officially recognized by the International Racing Federation, the world racing agency. Besides, there are also go-kart mini roads and the driving road is quite interesting, which is one of the most prominent destinations you must visit in Dubai.

Take a Dubai tour to Dubai Autodrome racetrack, tighten your seatbelt and enjoy the thrill of surfing the professional track on powerful supercars, sports motorcycles, mini-cars go-karts or your own vehicles Visitors will leave you with the impression of never forgetting.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dubai Autodrome

You will have the experience of driving skills between a high performance racing car like the Audi TT, the real racing cars of Formula 1 and the Renault Clio City Cup. You will be able to improve your skills in about 2 hours with thorough presentations from a professional racing guide team, the process of operating theory into conquering the track and granting a certificate. Extremely interesting for those who love this extreme sport.

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Driving your car around the track on special motor racing days is something you can do when you come to this famous racetrack. This safe and controlled environment is where visitors can feel the excitement of absolute acceleration without being limited by any street rules.

Traveling to Dubai, practicing your vehicle control skills in the days dedicated to motorsport is the hobby of motorcyclists. All vehicles before being run on the track must meet all requirements and are thoroughly inspected to avoid unfortunate risks. The driver of the vehicle must also present a valid license.