Former Chelsea captain bid farewell SiPG to compete in Dakar Rally

Coach Andre Villas-Boas has just decided to participate in the harshest road race in the world Dakar Rally. It originated from Peru on January 6 and ended in Argentina on January 20 in 2018.

According to the representative, Villas-Boas decided to always give up his army at Shanghai SIPG (China) to focus on the challenging Dakar Rally race. Before that, the 40-year-old teacher who once led Chelsea had the crazy intention of racing motorcycles. However, Villas-Boas quickly changed their mind after discussing with Alex Doringer, Villas-Boas’ best friend and running the KTM team.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho HLV Chelsea

“Alex has analyzed me for many disadvantages, even dangerous, when racing motorcycles, especially newcomers like me at the tough Dakar Rally race,” Villas-Boas told the media. ” He recommended that I best race a medium-sized car to minimize risks and accumulate experience.” Thanks to Alex’s advice, Villas-Boas is now fully focused on sitting behind the wheel of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck to compete in the Dakar Rally race next year.

Commenting on Villas-Boas, the driver of this coach, Ruben Faria, said the cockpit partner handled the hypothetical situations quite well while they were practicing together. Referring to Villas-Boas, it is impossible not to mention his uncle Pedro, who won a high rank in a car race held in 1982.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dakar Rally

In the match, Shanghai SIPG played against Beijing Guoan and won 1-0, when the match approached 78 minutes when the referee made a decision. It is according to Villas Boas is not right and disadvantage for Shanghai SIPG.

Immediately the strategist with this hair and beard reacted violently and used insults to the Chinese referee. Results The CFA disciplinary committee imposed a suspension of 8 games and paid a fine of £ 4,500. Along with that is the notice of CFA: “Chinese football develops based on the principles of the game and the spirit of sport in a clear and civilized manner. A coach of a club must also have a sense of community and social responsibility, spiritual education for the next generations, sport itself must have its own values.