Leclerc won the F1 stage for the first time (Part 1)

The pole-winning advantage was taken advantage of by Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc when he finished first at Spa-Francorchamps, the Belgian Grand Prix on September 1.

The first stage of Leclerc’s debut in F1 career is also the first time Ferrari won a race in the 2019 season

A valuable victory gives the Monaco driver a valuable gift to send to his childhood friend Anthoine Hubert, the F2 driver who died on August 31 in a tragic accident at Spa-Francorchamps himself on August 31 . On the other hand, this is also an achievement that makes the Ferrari racing team more confident in the end of the season, after a long period of being full of bowl and being completely dominated by Mercedes, even Red Bull.

As soon as he finished, Leclerc choked on the radio: “This victory was for Anthoine. I’m fine but it’s difficult to experience such a sad week like this.” When he reached the parking lot, the Ferrari driver turned his lenses to the words “Racing for Anthoine” to refer to his ill-fated friend and colleague.

At the test races, the Leclerc – Vettel duo impressed when the SF90 was faster than Mercedes by an average of 0.7 seconds per lap. And that form is the two drivers of Ferrari take full advantage of the classification competition to occupy the first two starting positions, right on the Mercedes duo. However, as expected, the German racing team, and especially Lewis Hamilton, were not easy opponents, despite Ferrari having a big advantage in speed-oriented racetracks like Spa-Francorchamps.

Right from the start, Vettel was soon overtaken by Hamilton when the two drivers ran through Turn 1. However, the speed of the SF90 and the effort to help the German racer regained second place at the end of the straight line. Kemmel at the first lap. The race was halted in the first round when the safety car appeared after the collision between Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull). The incident caused the Dutchman to give up in the first round when the RB13 crashed into the fence in the corner of Eau Rouge.