List of racing games that are suitable for all PC configurations

Racing game collection of cult games for all computer configurations. Do you want to download racing games offline and experience or not?

The game genre is quite a lot of fans, it can be said that I used to be dead and tired with middle configuration racing games like Need For Speed ​​or low profile like MotoGP 2. This type of game does not make You have a headache with acrobatic dodges like the original game, not too stressful and thinking like a game, and of course it won’t be too time consuming to sit on your computer like shoulder-to-shoulder titles. To play the game, you only need to be passionate about speed, you will own the most famous super cars in the world to be experienced on the roads from rural to urban.

I will classify the game into 3 main categories so that people can easily choose for themselves an attractive game and suitable for the machine configuration.

Type 1: The game is for a low configuration, it is less than 1GB

Type 2: Game for middle configuration with capacity from 1GB -> 5GB

Type 3: High-end gaming device with capacity greater than 5GBracing game

Type 1: Racing game for low profile machines (less than 1GB)

MotoGP Game 2

Game Crashday

Game RoadRash (Fighting game)

Zombie Driver Game (Zombie shooting racing game)

Game Need For Speed ​​2 SE

Deadly Race Game (Shooting racing game)

Game Chocobo Racing (Chicken Racing – Animal Racing)

Type 2: Racing game for medium configuration (1Gb to 5GB)

Game Fireburst

Mad Riders Game (Terrain racing game)

Game F1 Race Stars

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Game

Type 3: Racing game for high-configuration machines (greater than 5GB)

Game Blur (Beautiful 3D racing game)

Rocket League Game (Soccer racing game)

Game Nascar 14

DiRT Showdown Game

Game Colin McRae: DiRT

Game Driver: San Francisco