Mini Motor Racing WRT – Experience breathtaking racing

Mini Motor Racing WRT is the sequel to the motor racing game Mini Motor Racing, released for free by The Binary Mill. Mini Motor Racing WRT is a sequel to the recently released The Binary Mill’s Mini Motor racing mobile game series that has been available on iOS recently.

This is a free racing game combining elements of immersive mobile games and unique racing style with more than 30 tracks and 5 different game modes for players to choose. In addition, you can also upgrade the car and explore the multiplayer mode of this racing mobile game.

Mini Motor Racing WRT - Trải nghiệm đường đua nghẹt thở

With great HD graphics and more than 30 new and classic songs in many different game modes will definitely make you enjoy. Besides, a series of supercars from Nissan, KIA and Choro-Q are officially licensed. It is these things that make Motor Racing Mini WRT a leading racing game on mobile phones today.

Perhaps the Mini Motor series has the most prominent feature is the career mode – career mode. Referring to the previous Mini Motor Racing version, the manufacturer stated the following: “Career mode is what makes you have a great experience playing this mobile racing game.”

Mini Motor Racing WRT - Trải nghiệm đường đua nghẹt thở

And indeed, in this game mode, you must try to complete the races to the minimum. For example, asking you to stand in the top 2 in a race at the end. Try to complete it if you do not want to have to play again.

In each race, players will control a virtual wheel key on the left side of the screen, while your super car will accelerate automatically. Each car has a nitro bar that fills up automatically over time.

And like other car racing games of the same genre, you can activate the nitro bar with a button on the right of the screen to speed up quickly. After each harsh race, players will receive rewards including experience points, coins and other items