Racing shooter – Deadly Race Game

The racing car shooting also has the English name Deadly Race one of the titles of the famous racing game genre today, you can download the racing Car shooting on internet to get the latest version, The most current standard. Deadly Race shooting racing has a low capacity so you can download a Shooting Race quickly without having to spend too much time waiting and still be able to quickly join the races with a combination of weak speed and gunner.

If Driving Speed ​​gives you the ability to master speed with cars, Deadly Race shooting game racing is a sweet combination of talent and experience, can see Deadly Race has many similarities compared to Crazy Car Gangsters. But in terms of speed, Driving Speed ​​is still unrivaled.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Deadly Race

Download Deadly Race shooting racing game for your computer to quickly master the exciting race. Deadly Race shooting game that simulates the context of the early 21st century with the global energy crisis combined with many conflicts that exploded the 3rd world war.

Constructed from that idea in the game is the context of a series of cities destroyed by bombs, the heat of war, the beautiful cities nowhere to come … a shadow, change itself This change has made the city look weird, your task is to drive different cars while mastering the track, mastering the speed and destroying the accompanying hazards.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Zing Speed ​​is also a unique racing game with fun action gameplay and hundreds of different cars to choose from, besides that Zing Speed ​​also possesses impressive graphics and funny character shapes that will bring give you interesting experiences again.

The game has a huge car store with many different types of cars from low to high-class … when you first play, you are only equipped with an old car with a shabby part, in order to upgrade the car, the player must earn the The amount of money depends on your rankings in the game, with this money you can upgrade more suitable new vehicles, buy more advanced equipment such as bullets, missiles, mines to use in the race …