Real Racing 3 game are so attractive with the first update of the year

Real Racing 3 made the first impression in this update was the appearance of famous car manufacturer Spada Vetture Sport. Real Racing 3 is a cult racing game from publisher Electronic Arts. After nearly 2 years of storming the mobile market, the game has received a first update of 2015. Besides that, the game is also equipped a series of Codatranca supercars with Italian design style and Codatronca Barchetta.

The first impression in this update is the appearance of the famous car manufacturer Spada Vetture Sport, along with a series of Codatranca supercars with Italian and Codatronca Barchetta designs. In addition, the new version of Real Racing 3 also adds 100 events with bonus and Spada stages.

If you love racing, love the ingenious combination of exquisite graphics and famous music, Real Racing 3 is a good deal for you. There is absolutely no cost to download, the problem is that you can not fully enjoy the game if you cannot afford the ridiculous costs that appear in the game.

Cái nhìn đầu tiền về Real Racing 3: Game đua xe đỉnh cận kề ngày ra mắt. 1

Ignoring the absence of Multiplayer mode, you will compete with opponents created based on friends at GameCenter, Facebook, and players around the world through “Time Shifted Multiplayer”.

IAP is a problem in Real Racing 3. Just bought a driver? Please wait until the message “Shipped”. Need to accelerate the car to participate in other competitions? The only way is to wait. On the one hand, it ensures fairness for players, but such abuse will make gamers more uncomfortable.

Damage on each track is inevitable. Sometimes they directly affect the speed of the car, and you want to fix it as quickly as possible … and of course, you have to pay and wait. Feeling true to the word “Real” in Real Racing 3 yet? In general, if you are a fan of the speed game series, Real Racing 3 will be an indispensable name on your phone.