Review Project Cars 2Review Project Cars 2

The impressive graphics wings of Project Cars 2 can make you think the game will be for everyone. But no, it’s only for fans of racing simulation games.

Unlike the first, what looks like a demo depicting the potential of Slightly Mad Studios’ super realistic simulation racing game. The second part of the Project Cars series now allows you to play the role of a rider with a variety of vehicle and tournament options.

But with that, the graphics of the game is still something you must admire. Especially when the game is installed on the most terrible computer systems at the present time.

Đánh giá Project Cars 2: Chơi xong game này cam đoan bạn sẽ lái được cả xe thật ngoài đời!

Immediately after the game starts, an opening sequence is somewhat too dramatic to welcome players to the game. From here, what you want to do is your right, because the game has unlocked all the cars present in the game, as well as all the races from Formula 1, Grand Touring, Rallycross.

Even indie and Le Mans Prototype, where the highest-tech, terrible speeds in the world give you the freedom to choose.

However, do not because of beautiful graphics or impressive scenes that mistakenly think this is a game for everyone. It’s not like Need For Speed, where you can hit the wheel drift braking at a bend like a pro. Project Cars 2 forces you to do everything, everything inside a car, because it doesn’t support you at all.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Project Cars 2

Compared to part 1, Project Cars 2 is a terrible step. Although the car model is still impressive in the 2014 game version, but instead, the depth of gameplay, the number of vehicles, tournaments has increased greatly.

Meanwhile, the thing that fans of the simulation racing game cares about the most is the accuracy in the steering wheel, the effect between the tires and the road. As a result, a completely changed gameplay system was born.