Road Rash – Class of the first generation racing game

Road Rash is known as one of the first shots of the series for speed junkies. When racing games at that time merely chose a car and racing against each other, playing computer racing games also created hesitation for players. If they had to choose between key racing or shopping malls and card racing, they certainly wanted to sit on real-life models.

The arrival of Road Rash not only blew a breath of fresh air, but also brought players to racing experiences that would be forever. It is somewhat seen again through the famous Fast and Furious movie series of Mr. Vin.

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As pixelated as the majority of current games, Road Rash creates extremely special and different emotions. Not only with the player, but anyone who has ever seen the gameplay of Road Rash will be more or less surprised at a game. That can have such content in the early 21st century.

First, it is the feeling of illegally racing, opposing the police as openly and violently as possible. Perhaps for the first time in history, individual gamers have experienced a game that character. In it is not a hero or a superman, or at least an honest person.

Those characters are nomads, gangsters, gangsters of the underworld. The people behind the tight protective suits and fullface helmets, with genuine blood, and all sorts of weapons.

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Their sole purpose is to win first and not let the police catch them. One plus point that cannot be ignored for Road Rash is the context of each game screen. This is probably one of the pioneering games in diversifying the map in the early 21st century for the genre of games.

With the contributions, Road Rash has been and will always be a monument, not only for those who love the speed game. But also for all those who have tried hard with pentium 4 and mitsumi gear legendary.