Road Rash PC – The legendary moto racing game for a while

Surely looking at the name Road Rash also many of you remember the old days. When computers were weak and this street racing game was very popular with many recreational players.

The type of compact offline game requires low configuration. Road Rash Game helps you entertaining moments as well as action seems a bit violent but extremely fun.

The game has a plot revolving around young people gathered to organize illegal races on the streets with lots of cars and people walking. Players can kick cars, clutches, leashes to prevent other riders and will be even more dramatic when the police catch the tail.

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On the track, players must pay attention to pedestrians and roadside obstacles because of being able to crash and crash. Road Rash motor racing game gives players a lot of exciting new experiences with bloody racing rounds. Road Rash has somewhat helped fans see. Glorious image of the attractive racing game in any year.

Players can fight with other riders by hand or pedal other riders causing them to derail, crash into obstacles to eliminate from the fight. Also with many weapons robbed from other riders or from police.

Besides, thanks to the Steam system, gamers can co-op with 4 other friends to race in Road Redemption more interesting. A special feature that Road Rash always attracts players because despite possessing beautiful 3D graphics. The game does not require too high on computer configuration.

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Driving a motorcycle at 100 mph while trying to eliminate an opponent with a steel bar is very dangerous and can end your own life. Fortunately, each death, all previous experience can be used to upgrade characters, vehicles and weapons.

In Multiplayer mode, you can collaborate with friends to create a rage on the street. All depends on you. The context of Road Rash is a post-apocalyptic world, ruled by a brutal dictator. Mad Max fans will feel at home here.