Street racing in Japan

Car lovers and speed lovers in Japan often gather on weekends at legal and illegal tracks on the street. Here, they can freely chat with each other, freely look at other people’s cars as well as share experiences of using cars and racing. In Japan, the two most popular modalities are Drift and Time Attack.

In fact, the idea behind Time Attack is quite simple: you don’t race directly on the track with any opponent, all are distinguished from winning over time to complete a race, the shorter the better. However, to achieve good results in Time Attack is not an easy thing. The participating car does not need to be too strong, but must have high stability and aerodynamics. In addition, participants must also have experience to achieve good results.

Although Japan has many races, however, at the weekends, they can still become overloaded. In addition, entrance fees for racetracks are not cheap, up to $ 253. Therefore, many people often meet in other locations.

Daikoku parking lot, located within the Tokyo-Yokohama highway system, is such a point. If you come here every night, you will feel like you are lost in a car exhibition with all kinds of cars in different styles, styles and levels. Besides, because of these reasons, illegal racing is very developed in Japan.

Street riders are called Hashiriya. On every Saturday evening, the pass roads in Japan become more vibrant and noisy than usual because the sounds of cars are drifting and the cheers of the viewers cheering. In addition to mountain roads, illegal drifters also raced out on the streets at night or early morning, or in multi-storey parking lots as you see in the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Drag lovers are looking for short, straight roads in industrial parks and container yards.

However, when talking about illegal racing in Japan, Mid Night Club is the most famous name. This is a group of only hashiriya who organize and race speed races on Wangan – the most straight-line highway in Japan. They became famous for their high-speed races, organization and strict rules; appeared in the highlight of more than 200 car magazines both inside and outside Japan.