Stress variable at ZingSpeed ​​Mobile has arrived

Any Racer at ZingSpeed ​​Mobile knows the importance of A car on the racetrack. Especially for the bend map, the vehicle A is always the first choice that Racer is aiming for.

In terms of appearance, the beautiful A-car model, personality, class and trend are sure but it also attracts Racer by the features and longevity on the track. Every car A was born, the Racer community certainly stood still, and Yin Chien Ca is not out of that rule.

From December 17, the ZingSpeed ​​Mobile community will be greatly agitated by this massive car. On the fanpage, group games, in addition to hunting concerns. Compared with the car of the same line, the Racer community is eagerly showing off the goods with compliments about this car.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ZingSpeed

Many interesting things were revealed and many Race shared that they had to try to hunt the Yin Yin War but could not ignore it. Drivers ready to hunt cars are here! Immediately and always hot to keep up with you.

There are many Racer freaks compared to other cars and ask about hunting cars will be like? And here, the first Racer has bought extreme racing cars and went to show the whole village. They are like a worthy booty that each Racer has got.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ZingSpeed

It is known that Yin Chien Ca is a racing car positioning. It is equipped with a modern design, glides on a straight line, the car is quite neat so it can easily bend around bends or many bends. Vehicles are composed of rare metals, powerful engines.

This is considered the perfect version on every road and is the desire of the outstanding riders. Therefore, when this car appeared, the Racer community immediately fluctuated. Supercars will be launched in turn to meet the needs of racing and experience of modern Racer models.