The official Heavy Metal Machines action racing game is free to open

Thus, the impressive online action racing game Heavy Metal Machines has officially entered the open beta. They are completely free for everyone to join.

Gamers will enjoy a very strong rock background with extremely special action racing gameplay, similar to the Mad Max movie. Heavy Metal Machines force you to drive extremely interesting vehicles to fight with opponents in a 4 vs 4 battle. The main task of the team is to bring the bombs from the middle of the map to the enemy base without being died.

Heavy Metal Machines - Game đua xe hành động siêu độc không thể bỏ qua

The game offers many different classes with special skills and of course the task in the squad is completely different. Who is in charge of the attack. defenders and supporters to prevent, destroy enemies and get the job done. Promises to bring a battle both fast and bold action.

In Heavy Metal Machines, there are many different special characters and each driver has different skills. They create diversity for gameplay. Gamers can also change the appearance of the vehicle to create a mark for themselves in the virtual world.

Heavy Metal Machines - Game đua xe hành động siêu độc không thể bỏ qua

Most of the combat is melee, but sometimes you’ll have to watch out for enemies from far away ‘pruning’ to the bow or with magic. In addition, the game also has many interesting honoring systems such as rankings or decorative items that look extremely beautiful.

Specifically, the players in Zeus’ Battlegrounds become half-gods as well with impressive powers. The same mission as the player is to become the last of the 100 opponents to participate in the battle on Olympus.

In fact, these powers are ‘picked up’ on the way and have quite a lot of impressive abilities including using fire, water, thunder… Besides, Zeus’ Battlegrounds also offers many types of weapons. Strong air from close combat to shooting as far as swords and axes