The Typical Co-Branding Successes In The World

The whole point is that the success of a brand will bring success to its partner brand. But for Co-Branding to succeed, businesses must ensure a win-win relationship between both parties. So, how to make effective Co-Branding deals.

Especially it is a life of action, adventure, fearless and often extremely adventurous. These shared values ​​make them a perfect pair for brand collaboration campaigns, especially around sports activities.

Meanwhile, Red Bull uses its experience and reputation to run and sponsor these events. Perhaps the most successful partnership is the creation of adventure games.

GoPro và Red Bull

One of the events was that Felix Baumgartner jumped from outer space more than 24 miles to the surface of the Earth with a GoPro attached to him. At this time, Baumgertner not only set new sports records but also helped GoPro and Red Bull to affirm their brand message.

By partnering with a reputable painting company like Benjamin Moore, they were able to give their customers what they wanted. Red Bull’s director of sports marketing. This partnership allows GoPro exclusive content to enhance the development of both companies.

At a glance, carmaker BMW and designer Louis Vuitton probably have no connection at all. But in fact, they have some very important things in common.

If you focus on Louis Vuitton’s luggage lines, both are in the travel business. Both have luxury value. And finally, both are famous, traditional brands known for their high quality craftsmanship.

These shared values ​​are exactly why these Co-Branding campaigns mean so much. This Co-Branding deal with BMW is a combination of value creation, technology innovation and style. When they was asked whether Red Bull was slowing down due to the chassis or engine, Horner replied: “We are wasting time everywhere.”

Red Bull won three victories in the first nine stages of the 2018 season and Verstappen won in Austria GP. But this race team is disappointing this year. When it comes to the Spielberg track – which is considered Red Bull’s home ground, they have only twice stood on the podium this season and the best performance is in third place.