The Witcher and the blockbuster game allow players to choose the script

Although we always have dozens of video game to choose from. But gamers often complain about their decisions in many games. Indeed, Alpha Protocol is one of the video games based on the choices made by the most realistic players. Players have changes to make decisions that directly affect the fate of the protagonist.

All of which can be the story maker in Alpha Protocol. A variety of player choices in Mass Effect 2 will play an extremely important role. As well as Shepard’s unruly and betrayal decisions can change your appearance and reaction to situations.

It also changes the way people react to you and shapes your relationship with them. The game also offers faithful missions to determine whether people actually survive the last suicide mission. This is really one of the rare times when BioWare really makes every decision of the player become extremely important.

The Witcher và những siêu phẩm game cho phép người chơi tự lựa chọn kịch bản theo quyết định của nhân vật - Ảnh 4.

BioShock 2 is one of choice-based games, where the end of the game completely depends on Delta’s actions. Delta’s younger sister can depend greatly on how the player taught her.

Fable is one of a series of games that places a player’s choice directly on the map. You can be good or bad with most people. Your appearance will also change. In some parts, you will even have a pet by your side to change its appearance. Maybe the final end will be a bit simple following the pattern. But this series of games always aims to enjoy the adventure through the decisions of the player.

The Witcher và những siêu phẩm game cho phép người chơi tự lựa chọn kịch bản theo quyết định của nhân vật - Ảnh 3.

Your choice will determine whether you use the light or dark side of the Force. You have different equipment, powers, bonuses and different endings happening. The characters in the game will react as you expect. They even try to stop you if you see you turn into a bad person.

The Witcher Series provides an incredible number of situations for players to make decisions. Glem offers a wide selection throughout parts like The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3.