Toyama Bay Bicycle Racing

Toyama Bay is a beautiful bay – a member of the “most beautiful bays club in the world”. This is a highly recommended event for cyclists, a competition you can ride along Toyama Bay.

Toyama Prefecture is a province adjacent to the Sea of ​​Japan, with delicious seafood and rich nature. The province is also famous for gourmet delicacies like Kanburi in Himi City.

One of the proud things of Toyama Prefecture is Toyoma Bay – which is recognized as a member of “World’s most beautiful Bay Club”.


If you want to enjoy sightseeing at this wonderful, beautiful Toyama Bay, you should attend the annual “Bike Race around Toyama Bay” event which is the best choice. In this article, I introduce how to enjoy and the charm of “Cycling race around Toyama Bay”.

This is a club supported by UNESCO with the aim of promoting tourism and conserving the resources of the Bay. At the same time it inherits the traditions, lifestyles of the people living here and protects the landscape of the Bay.

Toyama Bay Bicycle Racing is an event held once a year. The main starting point is the Himi port of Himi city, Toyama Prefecture, where the famous Kanburi dish and the prize include 4 routes.


Because everyone can participate, this is an event that attracts a large number of people from inside and outside Japan. There are first aid stations and local food stalls in the middle of the race. So this is an event you can attend to and have the opportunity to interact with the locals to volunteer for the event.

All the athletes attended the tournament at the starting point and the president of Toyama Prefecture and the mayor of Himi encouraged the athletes. In this tournament, there was the participation of both the President of Toyama Prefecture and the mayor of Himi city.

They were instructed to explain in a very easy-to-understand way how to experience the greatness of the race when cycling. All athletes listen attentively.