World racing: F1 superstar and champion hunt

After an unexpected defeat at IndyCar in late May, Fernando Alonso returned to Le Mans with the goal of winning the second time. Through this, he continued to cultivate the hope of making world racing history. Meanwhile in a number of other racing events, new records are also being set as the season progresses to the final stages.

Alonso after much success in F1 and in the last years of his professional racing career. He began to aim for more special goals, Triple Crown racing, including winning the Monaco GP, Indy500 and Le Mans24h races. He was crowned twice in Monaco in the years and won Le Mans 24h last year so there is only one goal left in the US.

In 2017, he had his first try with McLaren-Honda-Andretti, but was unfortunately eliminated due to technical problems. This year he attended as a McLaren Racing team driver using a Chevrolet engine but the results were worse.

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But Alonso only achieved the 4th rank and could not attend Indy500 in 2019. The chance of winning once again slipped from the champions F1 and Le Mans 24h. The championship battle took place internally between the two cars of the Toyota Gazoo Racing team because after Porsche left WEC, they had no direct competitors.

With this result, Alonso currently has 2 victories in Monaco and 2 times crowned at Le Mans 24h. He became the 13th driver in history to have at least 2/3 of the title of the prestigious Triple Crown along with many other famous drivers.

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The only person who ever won the Triple Crown was Graham Hill when he was crowned five times in Monaco. Alonso has a rare chance of becoming a Triple Crown winner if he wins Indy500 twice in the coming years. But that is not an easy task for this driver when he is about to turn 38.

Formula E 2018-19 season is preparing to enter the last two races taking place in 2 consecutive days in New York City, USA.