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Dirt racing game is being sold up to 75 percent

Accordingly, two attractive racing games of Codemasters firm Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 will be discounted up to 75 percent for a period of one and a half days. Today, the largest game publishing portal in the world

Reviews on Road Redemption – a legendary racing game for a while

This is a brief review of Road Redemption. This article will give you an insight into this exciting racing game, understand the plot, gameplay and tasks. In addition, there will be some system requirements to set up

Selected Free Online Driving Games That You Should Dive into Right Now (part 2)

Car Simulator Arena – Adventure is waiting!  This driving game is fun and exciting. You have a great chance to discover an immense landscape in various awesome sports cars. There are different obstacles and objects, for example,

Selected Free Online Driving Games That You Should Dive into Right Now (part 1)

Driving games are not just a form of entertainment to people but serve as a guide for you to be familiar with the different functions of a vehicle’s different parts. For example, in driving simulation games, you

The Typical Co-Branding Successes In The World

The whole point is that the success of a brand will bring success to its partner brand. But for Co-Branding to succeed, businesses must ensure a win-win relationship between both parties. So, how to make effective Co-Branding

Review Project Cars 2Review Project Cars 2

The impressive graphics wings of Project Cars 2 can make you think the game will be for everyone. But no, it’s only for fans of racing simulation games. Unlike the first, what looks like a demo depicting

World racing: F1 superstar and champion hunt

After an unexpected defeat at IndyCar in late May, Fernando Alonso returned to Le Mans with the goal of winning the second time. Through this, he continued to cultivate the hope of making world racing history. Meanwhile

Racing Games: The A-Z to Know (part 3)

Teach You Useful Rules of Roads In a lot of fantastic driving and racing games out there today, you can see that you are required to follow the road rules. These rules are standard and essential for

Toyama Bay Bicycle Racing

Toyama Bay is a beautiful bay – a member of the “most beautiful bays club in the world”. This is a highly recommended event for cyclists, a competition you can ride along Toyama Bay. Toyama Prefecture is

Malaysian GP Racing – Winning a fair game against the champions

The 7th rank day is Yamaha’s internal battle for pole position. Marc Marquez understands that his chances are very low, but he still finds ways to get a high position. Therefore, he lost to his young opponent